Workshop on Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Japan in San Diego

Workshop on Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Japan in San Diego 2019

August 13-14, 2019

University of California San Diego 


JST-RISTEX “Star Scientists and Innovation of Japan Project”
Japan – Science, Technology, and Entrepreneurship Program at UC San Diego Rady School of Management
Waseda Business School – Science, Technology, and Entrepreneurship Workshop



Kazuyuki Motohashi (University of Tokyo)
Kanetaka M. Maki (Waseda Business School / UC San Diego)



The workshop focuses on research in the economics and management of innovation and entrepreneurship, and aims to connect workshop aims to connect researchers in Japan and the US. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • innovation; entrepreneurship; economic growth;
  • finance of innovation
  • university-industry collaboration
  • star scientists and startups


  • Kenta Ikeuchi (RIETI and NISTEP)
    • “Science-based Innovation Process in Japan: Developing a Comprehensive Dataset of Author-Inventor and Publication-Patent Linkage”
  • Kazuyuki Motohashi (Professor, Univ. of Tokyo; NISTEP; and RIETI)
    • “Co-evolution of science and technology in AI driven innovation”
  • Kanetaka M, Maki (Associate Professor, Waseda Business School)
    • “Star Scientists Cohort Dataset”
  • Koichi Sumikura (Professor, National Graduate Institute For Policy Studies)
    • Highly Cited Researchers in Japan and US: Focusing on University of Tokyo, Kyoto University and UCSD
  • Hiromi Nagane (Associate Professor, Chiba University)
    • “Star  Scientists in Japan”How can we detect star scientists? The type of star scientists and the transition in Japan.
  • Tohru Yoshioka Kobayashi (Assistant Professor, Hitotsubashi University)
    • “Academic Defragmentation by Academic Commercialization: Insights from Inventor Network Analysis”

Potential Participants from the San Diego (Tentative, as discussants, observers etc.)

  • Josh Graff-Zivin (Professor, UC San Diego)
  • Nathan Owens (Director, Global CONNECT)
  • Vish Krishnan (Professor, UC San Diego)
  • Tomoko Hayashi (Project Scientists, UC San Diego)


  • August 13th (Tues)
    • 10:00-10:30 – Opening Remarks
    • 10:30-11:30 – Presentation 1
    • 11:30-12:30 – Presentation 2
    • 12:30-14:00 – Lunch
    • 14:00-15:00 – Presentation 3
    • 15:00-16:00 – Presentation 4
    • 16:00-16:30 – Break
    • 16:30-17:30 – Presentation Slot
    • 18:30-21:00 – Dinner
  • August 14th (Wed)
    • 10:00-11:00 – Presentation 5
    • 11:00-12:00 – Presentation 6
    • 12:00-13:30 – Lunch
    • 13:30-15:30 –  Discussion for the Future Collaborations
    • 15:30-16:00 – Closing Remarks

The detailed schedule will be announced later.



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